24earners.com Income Program Review

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Happy quarantine quarantino, lol. I can bet you that as you are reading this review article, there is one guy somewhere planning to open a brand new income website. Oh yes, it is no longer news that the Cheif Executive Officers (CEO) of these income programs make bulk of money daily. In fact if you are familiar with the CEO of giftalworld income program on Instagram you would know exactly what I am saying.

However, if you have no knowledge of web design and you don’t have any management skills that would enable you grow such income programs, you can choose to be the consumer, benefit from them while they last, although you may never make as much money as the founders will make but at least you will make enough money that is synonymous to the risk you took and the investment you made

Sometime around last month, a guy contacted me that he wanted to build such income programs like ATPAYS and nnu forum, and I was not so surprised today when he sent me a registration link to his website.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you 24earners.com.

What is 24earners income program all about.
24earners was founded by DIMKPAGU EMMANUEL TOCHI in the year 2020, April to be precise. It is an extremely new platform that deploys the popular nnu forum script. 
Although it is quite different from others, it still has some similarities. For instance, it has a referral feature that lets you earn by referring people to get registered on the platform. You do not get anything for daily logins or reading news. They are some other tasks you can participate in that are kind of unique to this platform alone.

How to earn on 24earners.com

To become an earning member of this platform, you have to first register a free account and then upgrade your account to a paid membership

Then, follow the registration process to Login into your account.

You will be required to pay a one-time registration Fee of  N800, this registration fee last for a lifetime.

When you when you upgrade , you will Earn:

  • You earn #500 for anybody you refer to 24earners to eventually upgrades to a paid plan.
  • You earn #200 for any promotional video you create about 24earners, this can range anywhere from whiteboard animations to videos acted by you.
  • If you are good in writing articles, you also earn #300 for every article you write. Please note that of your article is not original it will be rejected and you will not be paid.
  • You also earn #300 for every good review you write about the program.

How to register at 24earners income program

The Registration Fee is N800 only and it’s a lifetime Plan. All you need to go is visit their official website www.24earners.com, register as a member and then purchase a coupon code from their coupon code vendor. Currently they only have one vendor who is the founder of the program Dochi. The coupon code cost #800 and after that you can upgrade your membership and congrats you are now a member.

Is 24earners legit?

For the main time I would say yes because from the zeal the founder has for the platform he would not want to crash it at an early stage. Also earning is quite straight forward, as they do not need to generate money to pay you for reading news and sharing sponsored post.

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