5 Things You never Knew you could do with your Smartphone

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About five years ago, many people that wanted to get some digital stuff done needed to have a computer, either a laptop computer or desktop computer, but as time progresses, technology has given us the ability to carry greater power in a smaller unit, have you read about the first generation computers? They were so large that they occupied a full room, they were also very expensive that very few world standard organizations were about to affordable it, the heat it produces was disastrous. However, today with the help of your mobile phone which is over 1 billion times smaller and cheaper, you can even do more than with your mobile phones today than you could do with the earlier generation computers.
So today I will be showing you five things you never knew you could do with your mobile phones, most of them you do not even know you can do them at all while for some of them you go to a cyber cafe to pay a computer guy to do it for you. So after reading this I guess you would be able to save some money and time.

Creating a website
Creating a website has never being this easy, with your mobile phones, you are optimally equipped to build your website. Know I know what you are thinking, when I said building a website I never meant coding a website. There are tons of ways you can build a website ranging from using simple website builders to using content management software (cms) like WordPress and Drupal. All you simply need to build a website is an active internet connection, a hosted service and a domain name and boom you can get started with your phones. You can even manage your website through your devices. When I first started out, I could not afford a laptop as I was a student, so I sought through the million of webpages in the web and actually discovered that I could build a website with my phone, and I started off at once, although there were limitations, I was still very impressed by the result I got. So if you have a dream of building website but you don’t have a computer, don’t get discouraged, get with your mobile phone today.

Chatbot creation
You know what a chatbot is right? Well if you don’t I would explain. A chatbot is simply the shortened version of a chatting robot. Have you ever noticed that when you contact some cooperate organizations either via their WhatsApp or mail or even live chat, you actually tend to receive some automated messages. In the real essense, you know that it’s not a human being, but the truth still remains that it is able to relate with you. That is exactly what a chatbot is. It is being to respond to message, where the response it’s gives will be based on your message. If you have a whatsapp business app, you would see a mini chatbot in it. People can actually build chatbots with their phone. Is that not cool? Creating a robot on your phone with your phone. And the best thing about a software is that once you create it, you can transfer it to as many devices as possible. So it is left for you to place a price on it or give it out for free.

Whiteboard animations.
Oh yes, with your mobile phones you can create a whiteboard animation video. You see most of these on YouTube, they are extremely cheap because you do not have to spend money on hiring make up artists and the video guy. To make whiteboard animation with your mobile phone, you can simply use online softwares like renderforest to create long and attractive animations even without any knowledge of graphics design. So if you want to open your YouTube channel or probably create a video to promote your business, head down to renderforest.com and get started.

Build mobile apps.
There are a lot of softwares that allow you build a mobile app with your mobile phone without a single knowledge of coding. Examples of such are appcreator24. With such of these online software you can create an app for your already existing website, a chatting app just like WhatsApp, a quiz app just like myschool as well as so many other function. In fact the expectations are endless. So having just a mobile phone is not an excuse to be just a consumer, get creative today and create something useful to your generation.

Make online payments.
I know that you may already know of this, but believe me when I say a ton of people are still ignorant of this fact, that is why you see bulk of students going to pay their school fees in cyber cafe when they got a mobile phone. With your mobile phone and a working internet connection, you can make any payment online. Whether it be local or international. Remita is not synonymous with cyber cafe. You can make your school fees payment with your phone.

Did you learn one new thing? If yes, I am glad that this article helped you. There are still a lot of other things that you can do with your phones. I know of a guy called Lana that creates cool and attractive designs with his mobile phone. So get social and get to know people, this way you would be able to gain and also share knowledge.

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