When a .net domain name is recommended

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Planning on buying a new domain? And you are probably considering using a .net domain name, well the only things from experience that keeps most people from purchasing a .net domain name for their business or website is because they think it is less popular and inferior to a .com domain.

First of all, just in case you are a novice, a domain name is kind of a landmark of a website, it is the primary url that a website’s homepage is based. For instance, google.com, facebook.com, fbdown.net all those are examples of domain names.

What you should consider before purchasing a .net domain name.

Search Engine Optimization.
What is the need of having a website that cannot be found on the largest search engine on the globe? If your website cannot be found on Google, ranking for any keyword at all, it is as good as nut. So the big question should be does a .net domain affect my SEO? The answer is Yes, although Google has said times without number that TLD extensions does not affect a website ranking on the global search giant Google, it is very important to note that search engine optimization is not all about appearing on Google search result first page, it also involved how your readers or web visitors are able to interact with your website.
So let’s do a quick survey here, for instance you searched for the latest soccer scores for a soccer match that was played about an hour ago and you are faced with seven results, six of which are from websites which got a .com domain name and the last one from that with a .net domain name, which of them are you likely to click? Does the domain with a .net extension appear in your third choice? Let me know in the comment box below.

Does a .net domain name go well for user experience.
Well it depends on what kind of website you have and also what keyword you are targeting, do not worry, I will tell you everything.

When should you never use a .net domain name?
There are various sign I see that people don’t see, I have see people register a .net domain name and I wish they could see what I see. For you, thank God you are here, I am going to show you what exactly what you are to look for before registering a .net domain name.

Is the .com version of your .net domain name already popular?
I know many SEO gurus think this is being smart, they pick a popular domain name and change the extension. for instance, legit.com is quite popular, they then go and register legit.co.uk and expect that to boost their search engine ranking. To be frank, I have not done a research to find out whether this is true but if you are planning to do same with a .net extension you are making a brutal mistake.
Three domain names are considered top domain and geographically neutral at the same time and they are 
  • .com domain names
  • .net domain names
  • .org domain names
All these are very unique and I guess you probably know when to use a .org domain name, while the main topic of this post is to inform you on best practices when using a .net domain name.
If you are using a .net domain name simply to rank with a already popular .com domain, you are on the losing side. Visitors to your website might end up placing a .com instead of .net after your domain name body and you know what’s up after that.
So if the .com version of your .net domain name is already popular, I would not advise you to for it.

Is it a blog?
If your domain name is primarily meant for your blog, then there is no way in this world I would advise you to use a .net domain, simply go for a .com or any other domain extension.

Is it a startup?
Never, use the number one TLD on the globe which is a .com domain name, just imagine Facebook started up with facebook.net, or eBay started up as eBay.net, I do not think it makes complete sense. So stick with what’s popular, choose a .com domain.

What are the best times to use a .net domain name.
Oh yes, the best times to use a .net domain name is what you now seek and luckily I would give it to you for free and without hassle. When you plan to launch a Software as a Service (SaaS) I feel a .net domain is great.
Generally, I love .net domain names being used for technical websites like online tools, software and the rest of them. For instance we got fbdown.net.

One other popular domain name that could replace a .net domain name in this context is a .io domain name. Fjdoro

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